New Start Up Bouna Vista

A brand new cluster of buildings, designed along the Facebook and Google models in California way launched by JTC.
The JTC Launch Pad@ one-north was announced by Teo Ser Luck the Trade and Industry Minister of State. Using the Silicon Valley model it incorporates a selection of food service points, cafes, sports facilities as well as open plan al fresco spaces for meetings and social gatherings. All of these mimic the University campus feel.

The three adjoining buildings, one repurposed, one part of the existing start up block and one brand new are expected to open later this year. These impressive units will be home to some two thousand entrepreneurs from over five hundred start ups and will double the existing new community.

There are other projects in the pipe line which could increase the size of the start up zone to over three thousand two hundred entrepreneurs from over eight hundred start ups.

New Start Up at Bouna Vista

Launch Pads success depends on the willingness of the new young local entrepreneurs to take on the challenge and Dr. Lily Chan is adamant that not only the new culture and its need for small innovative units as well as the community feeling engendered by the closeness of the like minded individuals.

Dr. Chan, the CEO of NUS along with Joyful Frog Digital Incubator, Exploit Technologies, Sing Tel Innove Ventures and five other like minded companies are sure that the continued assistance of the government are necessary for the success of this project.

New Startups by JTC Coporation

NUS are the anchor tenants of Block 71 and is of the opinion that the more start ups that get involved the more assistance they will need from not only new advances in technology but also the backing of more mentors from the established companies assisting those in the incubator units.

Founder of the start up Paperplane which specialises in new and innovative methods of learning is also of the opinion that the combination of the existence of a large group of like minded entrepreneurs with new start ups, established companies and those in between build not only a sense of community but a fellowship which is in reality a super large support group.

New Startup similar to Silicon Valley

Joining in with their ideas of interaction and collusion on ideas on technology and interaction is training firm Jeffrey Paine himself a start up and co founder of training firm Battle Ventures.

Whilst the out of the centre location may be a slight handicap in some peoples eyes the projected plans for incorporating day care facilities, a gym and a hostel, may if accepted be a great boost for this venture.

The reverse of the above reasons for using the centralised start up zone was put forward by Acceler Asia an incubation company presently in Amoy Street shop house who postulated that as they, and many others work in collusion with start ups in Europe and America there was less need to be involved with other start ups.

As always there are no right and wrongs just what suits the individual at the time, which can obviously alter fro year, or even month, to year. The obvious fact is that nothing will hatch out if it has no space to start.

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